Lacey (LaceFace) St. George was born in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1983. Being a child of the northwest, Lacey was exposed to the blossoming art form of glass and pipemaking from an earily age. Determined from the begining to create things of beauty and be her own boss, Lacey fell in love with glass the moment she began working on the the torch. Becoming the fourth member of her family to indulge in this medium, Lacey began her obsession with glass in 2004. She has spent the last two years traveling the country competing in various competitions and participating in large scale collaboration projects. She draws inspiration from all things of beauty, particularly in nature from the endless color hues of a flower to the sensual curves of the female figure. Lacey plans to pursue her love of teaching over the next few years, while building up her personal studio and working on more large scale projects.


“For inquiries, please contact the artist directly. Neither the BIG Industry Show nor anyone other than the artist will sell, handle, ship, package, refund, warranty, or handle these pieces in any way. The artist is solely responsible for any and all transactions.”