Kurt B

Contact: availablekurtb@gmail.com

Based in Vermont, Kurt B has been studying glass since 2000, and once he began he never really looked back. Using glass as a tool to express emotions while finding new challenges everyday, he has found this medium very fulfilling with endless avenues to pursue.
Kurt's work often speaks to everybody, combining tradition with pop culture and history. He is known for a number of Americana themed series such as The Honey Bears, Stars and Pipes, the Smoking Gun, E.Pluribus Unum, (and much more) he is always pushing people to look at a bigger picture. Kurt is currently concentrating on his new series to while never forgetting balance, function, concept and tradition.
Kurt has been involved in a number of shows including SOFA chicago, COCAS Degernerate Art showing in seattle and Goosefire Gallery but his favorite yet has been his solo show at the now defunct Easy Street Gallery in Brooklyn NY.
Enjoy Glass.