Chris Vela (VelaG)

Chris Vela (VelaG) started working with glass 10 years ago at Polomar College in southern California. Polomar offered traditional Italian style soft glass. It was there where he found the aesthetic and what he wanted out of glass. To make simple beautiful shapes. His goal is for your eye to follow an elegant line; that is the piece. Vela found himself moving to Humboldt Co California where his glass career started. Linking up with Dan Benway (Piper) he started the Arcata Glass School where he managed the school and was Pipers apprentice. There he learned from artist such as Banjo, RAM, Kabuki, Sable, and all the local talent. Vela never forgot his love for soft glass and would frequent Eugene Glass School and took classes from Karen Willenbrink, Martin Janecky, Jason Johnson, Chalie Lourie and others over his early career. Vela focused on soft glass for a few years where he was a studio manager, and lead assistant at a small soft glass studio in Humboldt. Around 2010 Vela took all his glass knowledge he developed over the year and branched out on his own. He works like a soft glass artist using traditional Italian style tools and technique. Unique to the boro pipemaker style of working. He’s work is unmistakable, clear and concise. He has thrown solo shows in Santa Barbra at Fusion Glass Gallery. Where he is currently the artist in residence. Vela has also had a show in Santa Rosas, Peacepipe. In 2014, he spent 3 months traveling the country working with the worlds top artist. Along the way doing demos at Tobaco Leaf FL, and Dr.Roberst Glass emporium in NC. Later that year he was invited to demo with Chris Carlson and Max Kind at Wonderland Gifts in FL. Vela also was able to show his work at 2014’s Counter Culture Pipe Making show During Art Basel threw Habitats Gallery. Vela is an accomplished photographer and follows around an Ultra4 racing team on their quest for glory. He also has adopted three dogs and they’re with him most of the time. Vela hopes to work with glass and photography and glass for life. Mostly because its the only life he knows…

Insta @Vela_G
Phone (707) 273-7369
Adress 1920 Heartwood Dr Unit B
McKinleyville CA 95519