Carsten Carlile

My career as a glass blower started with a broom in Eugene Oregon. I had taken several jobs to put myself through college one of which was helping clean up in a local glass shop. I was immediately drawn to blowing glass. In September 1995 I began working on the torch. Within six months I needed more. I left college and my jobs to pursue glass blowing full time for myself.

In the years to follow I honed my skills learning and teaching along the way. I now work from my shop in Bend Oregon. For me there has been no better place to call home.

The strongest influences in my work have been nature and form. I love bringing life to the torch. Skeletons, VW’s, characters, figurines have all been catalysts for my continued growth as an artist.

For me blowing glass is a lifestyle. It’s a daily practice in hard work, creativity, craftsmanship, and self-discovery. I love this life, I love this medium and I will always be learning and pushing its limits.

Contact: • (541)441-8515

“For inquiries, please contact the artist directly. Neither the BIG Industry Show nor anyone other than the artist will sell, handle, ship, package, refund, warranty, or handle these pieces in any way. The artist is solely responsible for any and all transactions.”