Cap’n Crunk

When I first set sail 14 years ago I was glassy-eyed and full of wanderlust, yet I had no clue how deep and wide the sea really was. As I careened from port to port I acquired and traded various techniques but grew tired and weary from the scurvy and monkey pox flareups. Finally, after 11 years aimlessly adrift an old friend waved me back into a familiar harbor and I instantly realized that my home was there all along. My old shack was just as I had left it, and still stashed beneath the floorboards were heaping mounds of dichroic gold, intricate line-work, and 10 tons o' cane.


“For inquiries, please contact the artist directly. Neither the BIG Industry Show nor anyone other than the artist will sell, handle, ship, package, refund, warranty, or handle these pieces in any way. The artist is solely responsible for any and all transactions.”