I first began working with glass in 2001 after having been a collector for many years. I met Marcel Braun at a gallery opening at Goosefire in Los Angeles in 2000, where he invited me up to Bellingham, Washington for a week long intensive. I went on to study with Emilio Santini(Venetian), Carl Ittig (German), Sue Ellen Fowler, Jason Lee, Clinton Roman, Marcel Braun and a few others. I continued my studies at Penland School of Craft and Pilchuck where I became a teacher’s assistant for Masami Koda. I was later invited to teach at UC Davis for several years where I helped to design their glass artistry program. After teaching at UC Davis my journey took me to Japan for two years where I taught at a number of universities, studios, and helped organize the BAE, bringing glass artists, Marcel Braun, SNIC and Slinger. I introduced the contemporary American pipe scene to the Japanese lampworking community.
My work is influenced by folklore, storytelling and archetypes. I weave in the commonalities between spirituality, religions, science and many creation beliefs to connect all of these perspectives into one universal, single narrative. I reflect on the connection between polarity and singularity that is common in all of these perspectives. I hope to have a conversation in my work by developing a visual vocabulary through form. Using a combination of sculpting, pattern work, and sand carving I am able to imitate stone, pottery and other organic patterns.
I live in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains with my family in a community of Incense Cedar, Black Oak, Manzanita, Madrone, Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine in the Yuba river watershed just north of the South Fork of the Yuba river.


Bishop419@gmail.com, @bishop3333, fb. Bishop Randall