Galleria at Big Industry Show


Glass Art Exhibition
BIG Galleria LIVE
September 29-30

Purchase exclusive high end pieces direct from the artists. The BIG Industry Show Promote self expression through artwork, including the using glass as a medium. The sole purpose of this event is to show case the talents of elite glass artist from around the world.








Featuring The Elite Glass Talents Of...

Bandhu Dunham



Chris Vela

Chris Vela (VelaG) started working with glass 10 years ago at Polomar College in southern California. Polomar offered traditional Italian style soft glass. It was there where he found the aesthetic and what he wanted out of glass. To make simple beautiful shapes. His goal is for your eye to follow an elegant line; that is the piece.




Ease began blowing glass 16 years ago in SF. After a short time in the Bay area he relocated to Seattle and joined forces with some of the northwest finest pipe makers. Together they established one of the most influential glass collectives of the time, Glass Works Park. The collaborative approach they explored acted as a catalyst in the industry at a time when it was much less common for multiple artists to work together on the same piece.



I am a Pacific Northwest local, living in Washington state. I have been working glass for 15 years and am stoked to be a part of this cutting edge art community. There are so many different styles of advanced techniques, which is what makes our trade so unique. Most recently I have been working with line work, fillas, lathe work, and crucible techs… striving for clean and technical. I love that I am able to switch up my styles and learn and grow as an artist. I look forward to seeing how our glass community will continue to evolve as well as myself.


Kurt B


Based in Vermont, Kurt B has been studying glass since 2000, and once he began he never really looked back. Using glass as a tool to express emotions while finding new challenges everyday, he has found this medium very fulfilling with endless avenues to pursue.


Lace Face

Lacey (LaceFace) St. George was born in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1983. Being a child of the northwest, Lacey was exposed to the blossoming art form of glass and pipemaking from an earily age. Determined from the begining to create things of beauty and be her own boss, Lacey fell in love with glass the moment she began working on the the torch.


Matt Robertson

It was early in life when Matt Robertson knew he was meant to be a professional artist. He spent many years working in different mediums before discovering glass blowing while attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario in 2003. Matt completed Sheridan’s Craft and Design Glass program where he learned techniques in both soft (soda lime) and hard glass (borosilicate) from established international artists. Matt has been living and breathing glass ever since.


Peter Muller



Robert Mickelsen - RAM

Born in 1951 in Fort Belvoir , Virginia and raised in Honolulu , Hawaii , Robert's formal education ended after one year of college. He apprenticed with a professional lampworker for two years in the mid-seventies and then sold his own designs at outdoor craft fairs for ten years. In 1987 he took a class from Paul Stankard that opened his eyes to the possibilities of his medium.



Glass artist from San Diego, California. Making pipes since 2005. Current body of work revolves around rubber duckys, flying pigs, and a common theme of good versus evil.





Yoshinori Kondo

I am Glass Artist from Japan.
I started Lampwork with soft glass since 2001.
Started to use Boro Glass since 2002.


Zach P